Name: Heather Jones
Mobile: 604.816.9317

Heather Jones

As a young girl, growing up in Toronto, I would stroll through houses under construction and imagine the finished product. How would spaces be used and decorated? Who would be living there and where were they coming from? Clearly, I had the passion to become an architect or interior designer, but I was also interested in the people who would inhabit these places.

After attending several fine schools in Toronto, I moved west to study Cultural Anthropology at the University of British Columbia; later to be blended with Business for an Honours B.A. in Commerce and Anthropology.

I met my husband, Keith, and we raised our children North and Lindsay on Vancouver's Westside. My love of people, their stories and history, and my business sensibility made real estate an easy choice as a career. Although I’ve worked in design & manufacturing, fashion & catering, I was drawn back to my childhood passion of envisioning houses becoming homes. And now, 20 plus years later, real estate is still a profession I love - for its mental rigour, its sense of completion, and its ability to turn business acquaintances into lasting friendships. A successful property sale is more than a sign on your lawn. It is about finding someone you trust, who will truly listen to your needs, your circumstance, and your story. A real estate transaction is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. The industry is driven by many kinds of situations: first time home owners, expanding & extended families, divorce, death, and those wishing to down-size, amongst others. Each situation requires specific attention, guidance and a unique approach.

We are all individuals with different needs and sensibilities. I understand and respect that deeply. Much to my husband’s chagrin, I like to move every five plus years; to renovate and explore new environments. Change is invigorating for me. But the road to change can be stressful, and it is this pain-versus-gain equation that looms large, and must be managed accordingly.

I have bought and sold properties for clients, for family, for friends and myself, so I appreciate all types of buyers and sellers. There are those who want to be minutely involved in every step of the creative process, those - like busy executives - who require a vetted short list of exact properties for sale or rent, making a decision based on the bottom line, and those people who are facing a dramatic lifestyle change and need emotional and decision support. No matter who we are - young or old, experienced or not in real estate, all of us will go through the upheaval of relocating: the struggle to balance the wants & needs of our changing lives with the fear and pain and excitement of entering into a new stage of life. Now an older and wiser woman with an abundance of life experience I still enjoy that stroll through construction sites, but most of all I enjoy connecting with new people and working together towards making them feel at home.

Name: Kris Richardson
Mobile: 604.290.7804

Kris Richardson

If you had told me while I was at University studying English and Anthropology and thinking of becoming a librarian, that I would become fascinated with business and go on to a career in real estate, I wouldn¹t have believed it.

I grew up in Calgary and moved to Vancouver in 1971. I spent my first two years here working in various jobs at a bank and then had the opportunity to travel extensively for almost a year with my husband, Tim.

When we returned, I took a job with a major land development company. I started out as an Assistant Office Manager and spent the next eight years moving around the company until eventually I took a position as an Assistant Project Manager in the Land Division. It was an exciting time and I really enjoyed all the challenges that job threw my way.

After my children, Nick and Ashley, were born in the early 80s, I was fortunate enough to be a stay at home Mom for twelve years. Once they were both in elementary school, I started to make plans to return to a full time job. It seemed becoming a residential realtor would be an obvious extension of the knowledge and experience I had gleaned in my previous positions.

I started with Macdonald Realty in 1996 and over time, I¹ve built a wonderfully rewarding business based mostly on referrals from friends and past clients. I love my job. It is incredibly satisfying to help people through the process of selling and buying homes, seeing them reach their financial goals, and knowing that you have made a sometimes anxious process as smooth and stress free as is possible.

As realtors, we watch and listen carefully to what our clients do and say, to understand their needs and goals. Getting to witness that “aha” moment when things fall into place and my clients are happy. The fact that many of my clients are now my friends, is the most rewarding aspect of all.

Name: Whitney Lewis
Mobile: 604.818.8728

Whitney Lewis

I feel very privileged to have been born and raised in Vancouver and to be able to share my knowledge of this beautiful city with others. I love helping my clients find a their own sense of home in Vancouver, whether they are moving here for the first time, or exploring new neighbourhoods and options as their needs and lifestyles evolve.

Looking back, I realize how rooted in Vancouver’s geography and neighbourhoods some of my best childhood memories are: weekend trips to Granville Island with my grandparents, climbing the big trees in Balaclava Park and learning to sail in English Bay. I even think my love of real estate was born during the early 90s building boom when the neighbourhood kids spent summer evenings peeking through the windows of houses waiting to be torn down and watching, fascinated, as new houses were framed up in their place.

After 12 years at Crofton House, I got a BA in Psychology from UBC. While I was at UBC, I met my husband, Josh, when we were both working evenings at side-by-side restaurants called Feenie’s and Lumiere.

In 2008, Josh and I made a leap of faith together and moved to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. I got a job in business development and leasing on an inspiring and ambitious government-backed green city development. After Abu Dhabi, we moved on to Singapore where we both worked on large-scale real estate projects in Malaysia. I loved all the new experiences and learning to work in different cultural settings with people from all over the world. We were incredibly lucky for the opportunity to travel and explore all over Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

When we decided to move back to Vancouver, we started looking for a home and I was evaluating my job options. I felt strongly about finding a job where I could serve others and it struck me how much we relied on our realtor’s intelligence, analysis and integrity. I knew immediately that I wanted to provide that kind of service for people. My mother was a commercial broker and with most of my immediate family working in development now, a colleague recently pointed out, real estate is sort of like the mother tongue in my family.